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Summer has officially arrived, which means it's time to hit the beach and have fun in the sun. Get ready to party with a new swimsuit or beach toy! Stay protected from UV rays with popular Japanese sunscreens too.See our selection of beach supplies from Japan below.

Swimwear & Beachwear

Popular Japanese beach clothing, for men, women, children & even pets!


One Point Advice

How do I clean and maintain a bikini to protect its shape and comfort while extending its longevity?

  • 1. Wash in cold water only. Dry naturally. Avoid machine wash, spin-drying or machine-drying in order to prevent deformation of the cups.
  • 2. Soak in water for 2-3 minutes before cleaning. Before washing, clear away extraneous materials such as sand stuck to the bikini to prevent damage to the fabric.
  • 3. Use laundry detergent and rub gently. Be careful not to use excessive strength which may cause deformation of the bikini.
  • 4. Use a towel and lightly press on he bikini. After draining the excess water, take it out to air dry. Do not expose to the sun to prevent the color from fading.

Watersports Goods

Challenge yourself to some extreme beach sports this summer!


One Point Advice

How do I choose the right diving suit?

  • 1. Comfortable fit:
    a completely comfortable and snugly fitted diving suit can minimize the water flow speed,so that the heat produced by the body can warm up the water and form a protective layer to achieve a warm-keeping effect.
    When trying on diving suits, you can wear your swimwear and or tights. Although theoretically a diving suit should be the tighter the better, it should still be free and easy to wear to ensure that it doesn't impede your breathing.
  • 2. Appropriate thickness:
    the thickness of the material varies and is divided into units of millimeters and chosen according to the physical and water environment.
    In general, when the water temperature is between 27 degrees to 33 degrees, you can choose to wear a 1mm thin warm-keeping suit. But if you feel cold when the temperature is 28 degrees, you will need a 3mm diving suit to keep you warm.
  • 3.Tailoring style:
    depending on the water temperature, you can choose a diving suit that covers different areas of protection: from a diving vest that covers of the upper body, a short-sleeved diving suit (short-sleeved shorts modeling), to a diving suit that covers the whole body (one piece or two piece).
    Also, a diving suit with a high waist pants design offers the wearer greater freedom to breathe. They have seamless cuts in the armpits, arms, legs and other areas.
    Ladies’ diving suits should leave some space in the chest and buttocks area to enable a better insulation effect.

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