In the 1980s, when wooden clubs were the item of choice for most, it was said that "If you're talking about persimmon, it must be Honma." Recently, in 2014, they were used by player Komei Oda, who displayed overwhelming strength and shown as the top prize money winner in Japan.


Luke Donald, once ranked the most popular player in the PGA, is Mizuno. Tiger Woods once used Mizuno irons as well.


This is a relatively new golf club maker, established in 1998. It is said that "if you're talking about distance, it must be KATANA," because performance on long-distance shots is what they focus on. For that reason, though it did not appear at the conference, this high-repulsion club is marketed to golfers who want the ball to fly. (Not allowed in match rules)


This golf club maker has endorsed Matt Kuchar, Brandt Snedeker, Fred Couples and other major players on the American PGA Tour. In July 2014, they announced their new brand, BRIDGESTONE GOLF.


When you mention YAMAHA, people think of the world-famous maker of motorcycle engines. The motorcycle division is a separate company from YAMAHA's main office, but the golf products are made by their primary division.


This company is famous for making badminton products, but their golf clubs are popular as well. They endorse RYAN WINTHER, Guinness World Record holder for the longest-distance drive.