Maternity Wear and Lingerie

Japan has a wide range of maternity wear that is both feminine and practical, supporting you through both pregnancy and after your baby is born. Make sure you click on the links to see the full range of clothing items available.

Stretch Mark Cream

These stretch mark creams are Made in Japan and extremely popular with Japanese mothers. Click on the links to check the features!

Support Belts and Girdles

Did you know Japan is famous for high quality pregnancy support belts and postpartum belts and girdles? There are a huge range of styles and designs, so you can find one that will suit both your needs and your style!

Nursing Capes

Nursing capes and aprons are popular among Japanese mothers to provide comfort for their baby during breastfeeding. There are a wide variety of high quality Made in Japan nursing capes in cute colours and uber practical designs. Click on the links below!

Baby Products

Japan is one of the top countries to find unique, high quality items for your baby. Here is a collection of the most popular products among Japanese mothers according to the Rakuten rankings!

Baby Carriers and Strollers

Japan is one of the leaders in affordable and high performance baby carriers and strollers. Lightweight and durable, these items will carry you and your baby through to toddlerhood with ease!