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Japanese Storage Items:

Japanese Storage Items: Make your room tidy and organized with storage items from Japan!

Living room storage

The living room is where we spend a lot of time with our family. This is why stuff tends to pile up, so let's use trendy, convenient goods from Japan to make the room clean and live in a comfortable space.

Kitchen storage

The kitchen is a place where storage can be problematic. Let's make good use of small and dead space and turn the kitchen into an easy to use space. The more orderly the kitchen is, the more efficiently you can cook in the kitchen!

Bathroom storage

We have lots of convenient storage goods that can be effectively used in places with limited space. Even a small bathroom can be comfortable making use of our racks and baskets.

Useful storage techniques

Let us introduce easy living room and kitchen storage techniques from our storage organization advisor.
Let's try it at home and create a comfortable living space.

Need to clean up the living room!

【Storage improvement point】

Use open racks to utilize not just the floor but the height also.

Use light-weight cloth boxes so that little kids can put away small pieces of toys and can easily carry to it by themselves.

For bulky stuffed animals, use a big cute basket to throw in.

Summary of toy storage tips

For little kid toys, we recommend simple storage that are easy for kids to clean up! Also, storage containers that use soft materials like cloth are safer.

Need clean up the kitchen!

\\ Storage under the stove unit //

【Storage improvement point】

Move documents and children's toys from storage under the stove unit.

Install an extendable rack to make full use of space. Pots and pans that are used often around the stove are stored in an easy to take out manner.

\\ Storage under the sink //

【Storage improvement point】

Move documents and children's toys from storage under the sink.

Used racks that can be placed in between water pipes to make it easy to take out utensils like colanders and bowls.

\\ Wall cabinet storage //

【Storage improvement point】

Used storage cases with easy to pull out handles so you can easily take out things that are commonly used like seasoning, tea and other food items.

Moved things that aren't used so often and extra stock to the upper shelves that are hard to reach.

Summary of kitchen storage tips

The important thing is to utilize storage goods suited for kitchen storage spaces and set up so that you can easily take out items that are used frequently!

Akiko Nanao
Storage organizing advisor

Mother of 2 boys, ages 9 and 5, currently working hard raising children, working, and doing housework at the same time. As a former "Messy home working mom" and "Super take care of all the kids by myself mom," she uses her experiences to help busy moms get things done easier and have fun by proposing storage and interior designs.

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