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Campaign Details

Campaign Period :
Aug. 28, 0:00 - Sep. 25, 23:59 (JST)

Offer :
1,500 Rakuten Super Points for you and 1,500 Rakuten Super Points for the friend who referred you. 1,500 Points can be used as 1,500JPY on all purchases at Rakuten Global Market.

How to Participate :
- Register for Rakuten Membership - Enter campaign: Click "Enter Campaign", input your Rakuten ID, password and the Referral Code you received from your friend.
- Make a purchase of 10,000JPY (excluding shipping fees) or more during the Campaign Period.

Notes :
- Only orders not cancelled as of 7 October 2014 are eligible.
- The order must be shipped to outside of Japan.
- Rakuten Auction and other Rakuten services are not covered.
- Tenso.com and other forwarding services who use an address in Japan are not eligible.
- Rakuten Global Market reserves the right to disqualify purchasers if it determines that they have abused the rules of this Campaign.

About Point Distribution and Expiry Date :
The Rakuten Super Points will be granted on 15 October 2014 and they will expire on 15 November 2014 23:59 Japan Standard Time.

Find out more about how to earn and use Rakuten Super Points :

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