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This event has ended.

Rakuten members who check this box will be subscribed to our periodic mail magazines titled “Rakuten Global Market News”. The mail magazines will be sent to the e-mail addresses (PC and/or Mobile) registered in the Rakuten member profile. Please uncheck this box if you do not want to receive mail magazines.

When is the campaign peroid?
The promotion will run from 2015/11/20 8:00pm until 11/24 23:59pm (JST)
*Entry is necessary to receive the campaign benefit. Please see below for details.
What are the benefits of the campaign?
Earn maximum 10x Rakuten Super Points on all purchases at Rakuten Global Market.
*1 Rakuten Super Point is equivalent to 1 Japanese Yen (learn more about Rakuten Super Points here)
**"10x Rakuten Super Points" is equivalent to 10% of the transaction made at Rakuten Global Market.
***The total amount of purchases during the campaign period must be over 3,000 Japanese Yen to be eligible for campaign entry. Please see benefits chart below for details.
Benefits Chart
Spending amount during the campaign Benefit Rewarded
More than 3,000 Japanese Yen 2x Rakuten Super Points
More than 10,000 Japanese Yen 3x Rakuten Super Points
More than 30,000 Japanese Yen 4x Rakuten Super Points
More than 50,000 Japanese Yen 5x Rakuten Super Points
More than 60,000 Japanese Yen 6x Rakuten Super Points
More than 70,000 Japanese Yen 7x Rakuten Super Points
More than 80,000 Japanese Yen 8x Rakuten Super Points
More than 90,000 Japanese Yen 9x Rakuten Super Points
More than 100,000 Japanese Yen 10x Rakuten Super Points

Note: Maximum points that can be rewarded is 15,000 Rakuten Super Points.

How do I earn Bonus Rakuten Super Points?
There are three requirements to quality for the Bonus Rakuten Super Points:
  1. 1. Enter the Promotion.
    You must click the "Enter Campaign" button during the Promotion Period, in order to enter the promotion.
    NOTE: Participants must be registered Rakuten Members to enter the promotion. Registration is free.
    You can enter before or after a purchase, as long as the purchase and the entry are both made within the promotion period.
  2. 2. Make at least one qualifying purchase during the Promotion Period.
  3. 3. Purchases must be shipped to an overseas address (outside of Japan) using International Shipping.
    Cancelled orders do not qualify for bonus Rakuten Super Points.
    You will receive your Bonus Rakuten Super Points on 2015/12/20.
    Your Bonus Rakuten Super Points will be valid up until 2016/1/15 11:59PM.
    Please make sure to spend your Bonus Rakuten Super Points within the allotted time period.
What are the campaign rules for earning Bonus Rakuten Super Points?
The Bonus Rakuten Super Points during this campaign are subject to the following terms and conditions:
  1. 1) You must be a registered Rakuten Member in order to enter the campaign (click here to register now for free).
  2. 2) You must enter the campaign during the campaign period.
  3. 3) The order shipping address must be outside of Japan. (Addresses within Japan provided by forwarding companies and other such services are NOT eligible.)
  4. 4) Shipping costs, gift wrapping fees, and import duties (if any) will not be counted toward the purchase amount of your order.
  5. 5) Out-of-stock items and cancellations will not be counted towards your Bonus Rakuten Super Points. There are a number of reasons why cancellations may occur, such as unauthorized payment or out of stock items. Please note that cancellations, for any reason on behalf of the customer or the merchant, will not be eiligible for points.
  6. 6) Bonus Rakuten Super Points can be earned up to a maximum of 15,000 points per Rakuten Member.
Rakuten reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is ineligible or is judged to have violated the terms and conditions of this campaign.
This campaign may be changed, stopped, or terminated by Rakuten Global Market without any prior notification.
All dates and times are according to Japan Standard Time (JST).
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