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Please tell me in what cases free shipping is not applied

- shop does not provide international shipping
- shop does not provide shipping to the USA and/or to her territories (e.g. Guam, Puerto Rico)
- the delivery address is not in the USA or her territories (e.g. Guam, Puerto Rico)
- order was made using a forwarding service such as Tenso.com
- the size of the ordered item was more than 1.5 meters in length and 2.75 in circumference or its weight exceeded 30 kg

Please check the promotion campaign rules for details.

Will my order be subject to free shipping regardless of its weight?
If your order is lighter than 30 kg and with length and circumference less than 1.5 and 2.75 respectively, it will be eligible for free shipping.
Is the delivery free if I bought from several shops?
As long as each product you ordered meets the conditions of the free shipping promotion campaign, your orders from several shops will all be subject to free shipping.
I bought from several shops. Will my orders be consolidated and sent all in a single bundle? Or would they be shipped each separately?
They will be shipped separately, by each individual shop.
It says "cannot buy more than a total 10 pieces of a same product" in the rules.
Does it mean that I can buy several different products up to 10 pieces each?

It does not matter if there are several different products in your order. As long as you have not more than 10 pieces of a same product, your order is eligible for free shipping.

ELIGIBLE: Product A x 5 pieces, Product B x 7 pieces = 12 pieces in total
NOT ELIGIBLE: Product A x 12 pieces, Product B x 2 pieces = 14 pieces in total (as more than 10 pieces of Product A were bought)

Can I use a credit card which were issued outside of Japan?
Please inquire the shop directly, as the payment methods vary from shop to shop.
It is written "excl. other costs" in the total amount in the checkout page. Will the free shipping still be applied?
As long as the shop provides international shipping, the delivery cost of your order should become free. Another confirmation email from the shop will be sent to you. Please check whether delivery cost is zero in that email. If you have any further inquiries regarding the delivery cost, please contact the shop directly.
Contact details in Japan are shown in the Customer Information of the checkout page, even though the address in USA was already input.
Shouldn't the address in USA be shown in that place? Will my order still be eligible for the free shipping if an address in Japan is shown in the Customer Information of the checkout page?
If the address is of a Japanese forwarding service, such as Tenso.com, your order will not be eligible for free shipping. However, if your Rakuten member address is in Japan, but the delivery is in the USA, your order will be eligible.
I need to inquire about my order
As products, delivery methods and payment methods vary from shop to shop, please inquire the shop directly.
Delivery cost was written in the order confirmation email. Is the delivery really free?
If I am charged a delivery cost, can I cancel my order?
If an eligible product is ordered during the free shipping promotion period, it should be subject to free shipping. If you are charged for delivery cost under these conditions and/or you wish to cancel you order, please contact the shop directly.
My order was canceled by a shop, even though it was supposed to be providing international shipping.
My order was canceled even though the product was available for international shipping
Each individual shop decides whether to proved international shipping or not. Therefore please inquire the shop directly regarding your order cancellation.

Rakuten Global Market Shopping Guide

Campaign Details
Your benefit
Free delivery to the USA will be provided for the orders made during the period written below.
Duration of the campaign USA EDT: From June 13th (Mon) 7:00 AM until June 14th (Tue) 12:59 PM, 2011 (30 hours)
! The above times are according to the USA Eastern Daylight Time (UCT - 4)
! Only purchases made during the campaign period (USA EDT) will be counted.
 The purchased time in "履歴詳細"(Purchase Details) of "購入履歴" (Purchase History), and the time shown in the e-mail titled
"[Rakuten Ichiba]Order Confirmation(Automatic Reply)" is in Japan Standard Time.
Which products are eligible

Rakuten Ichiba Japan, standard purchase by PC、shops which offer international shipping.
Purchase at shops other than the above will not be not eligible for this campaign.
! If a wrapped product cannot be shipped due to its weight and size, it will be ineligible for this campaign.
For shipping limitations please refer to the EMS website here (e.g. less than 30 kg)
! When ordering from a certain Shop you cannot buy more than a total 10 pieces of a same product and be eligible for the campaign.
! All orders to any Shop which provides direct international shipping to the USA are eligible for the campaign.
! Orders of products prohibited to import might be cancelled by shops. Please refer to the list of products, prohibited to import.

Which territories are eligible USA (including overseas Territories, e.g. Guam, Puerto Rico)
! Tenso.com and other forwarding services who use an address in Japan are not eligible.
Please set the shipping address as [国外] (international) when you proceed to the checkout.
Deliveries only to the territories mentioned above will be eligible for this campaign.
e.g.) If a person in USA or in any other country purchases products to be delivered to the USA, the purchase will be eligible for this campaign.
If a person in Japan purchases merchandise to be delivered to the USA, it will also be counted in this campaign.
If a person in USA purchases merchandise to be delivered to Japan, the purchase is ineligible for this campaign.
Other important notes "履歴詳細"(Purchase Details) in "購入履歴" (Purchase History) are provided only in Japanese.
To be eligible for this campaign, Rakuten membership is not compulsory. However, we strongly recommend you to register as Rakuten member (it is for free!)to earn Rakuten Superpoints (1 Superpoint from each 100 yen spent, excluding delivery cost), save time in future orders and to enjoy bonus point campaigns.
To be eligible for the currently running 1000 bonus Superpoints campaign, please check the details and enter from here and shop for more than 5000 yen.
If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ of our website.
If you have questions about products, shipping dates or payment, please contact shops directly by email using simple English.
If you would like to receive reminders of this and future point campaigns and other valuable information,
join us in Facebook or Twitter.
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How to shop at Rakuten Overseas Sales site
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Service can deliver up to five items at once!
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