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Matcha Japanese Green Tea

Featured Tea: Matcha The King of Japanese Green Tea

Featured Tea: Matcha

What is Matcha?

There are many kinds of Japanese teas -- genmaicha, gyokuro, hojicha, to name a few -- but Matcha is one of the oldest and most famous traditional Japanese green teas.

Uji, Kyoto is said to be one of the birthplaces of Japanese tea.
Matcha from the Uji area is popular in Japan and one of the highest quality teas available.

How do I make Matcha?

Matcha is fairly simple to make with a little preparation.

The illustration on the right shows you the steps for making the tea.

All you need is matcha, warm water, a tea whisk, and a tea bowl. The traditional bowl comes in many designs -- selecting your favorite is an ideal way to enjoy your drink.

Making Matcha can be daunting, but for those people who need a quick pick me up, there is also instant Matcha that you can use in a pinch.

How do I make Matcha?
Enjoy Matcha

Enjoy Matcha

The most traditional way to enjoy Matcha is, of course, as a tea. The soothing aroma and slightly bitter flavor are perfectly complementary. It is said drinking Matcha will bring one a sense of calm and inner peace.

Unlike many other teas, matcha is powdered -- this makes it very unique compared to other loose leaf teas. Matcha is probably most famous for it's use in Japanese tea ceremony.

In addition to this, these days there are many other products made of Matcha that are just as delicious. There are matcha cakes, matcha sweets, even matcha flavored soba noodles!

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Featured Shop: Itohkyuemon A Kyoto-based shop that specializes in matcha and green tea

Itohkyuemon Long standing tea shop in Uji, Kyoto, established in 1832: specializing in Uji green tea and matcha sweets.
Since beginning as a Rakuten marketplace store in 2000, our history with the site is long. We are the recipient of 9 "Shop of the Year" awards, with 6 consecutive wins.
We offer an extensive selection of seasonal matcha treats as well as popular traditional sweets.

In 1832, during the latter half of the Edo period, the founders Itou Tsunēmon and Takizou began running a tea business in what was then called Tawaramura Namura (modern South Uji-Tawara). Afterwards, generation after generation inherited and carried on the tea making business. *Tawaramura Namura is a village business area in Uji Tawara where the modern Itoh family has inherited and continued making tea.

Matcha grains that are ground in a mill or in a machine are round in shape, which dilutes the fragrance of the grains. Matcha that is ground in a stone mortar produces uneven grains, creating a signature aroma that machine milled matcha does not.

Our shop uses carefully selected high quality Uji matcha that is milled in the stone mortars that are ideal for the craft. We use the matcha while it is freshly made as often as possible! Try our sweets and teas, made from the finest Uji matcha, produced in Japan’s world-famous city, Kyoto.

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Featured Shop: KOGETSUEN A shop that wants to bring Matcha to the world.

KOGETSUEN It has been 12 years since we opened up shop on Rakuten.
At first, our main products were original matcha (powdered green tea) sweets, but now matcha itself has become our leading product, and we have one of the largest ranges of matcha items on Rakuten. Recently, we sell organic matcha and related products to 30 countries around the world.

Green tea has long been prized as a medicine.

According to Chinese tradition, as long as 4,000 years ago, Shinno, who is said to have laid the foundations of today's Chinese herbal medicine, sampled 70 different plants in one day in order to discover herbal remedies. While doing so, the story goes, he chewed on tea leaves and detoxified.

Meanwhile in Japan, in the Kamakura Period, Zen master Yosai wrote in his book Kissa Yojoki (Treatise on Tea Drinking as a Health Cure) that "tea is the magical elixir of health cures", introducing it to eminent people as a valuable medicine.

Nowadays, the components and beneficial effects of green tea have also been elucidated by science. When drinking matcha in particular, you ingest the entire tea leaf, allowing you to absorb all its abundant, high quality nutrients such as polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals.

One year ago, the traditional dietary culture of Japanese people, Japanese cuisine, was inscribed on UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Matcha, used in the tea ceremony which is a symbol of traditional Japanese culture, is now added to items like cake and ice cream, and has become loved by people throughout the world. In the future, it can be thought that its popularity will spread ever more widely, in tandem with its healthy image.

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