Operation: Sun ScreenOperation: Sun Screen

Summer is coming, and it's time to prepare yourself to fight back against damaging UV rays.Sunscreen and other sun-blocking products from Japan are the ultimate defense to harsh summer sun. Learn these tricks and defend yourself from sunburn all summer long.

Stage 1: Before Heading Out

Never forget to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you head out the door.


One Point Advice

5 Tips for Applying Sunscreen Effectively

  • 1) Prepare your skin by applying lotion or essence before sunscreen
  • This will help keep the sunscreen from dissolving unevenly on your skin.

  • 2) Apply sunscreen evenly
  • For liquid-type products, it's important to dispense small amounts at a time to the palm of your hands, and apply evenly across your skin.

  • 3) Make sure not to rub forcefully
  • Rubbing sunscreen into your skin with too much force can cause damage, so take your time and apply gently and thoroughly.

  • 4) After the first application, add another layer
  • You will ensure that your sunscreen properly covers every inch of your skin with this step.

  • 5) Re-apply every 2 to 3 hours
  • Sunscreen will dissolve in water and perspiration, so re-applying frequently will keep sun-blocking effects high and also gently protect your skin.

Stage 3: Aftercare At Home

Even if you think you have everything covered, there's always a chance you may get an accidental burn or fatigue from the heat. Repair and refresh with these products when you've made it back to your door.


One Point Advice

Stop sunburns with juice!? Use juice to keep your skin beautiful!

  • 1. Tomato juice
  • Eating tomatoes is said to help reduce sunburns by up to 30%.
    Processed forms such as tomato juice even enables the body to absorb nutrients such as lycopene even more effectively!
    We anticipate sun-blocking benefits similar to using a parasol or sunshade.

  • 2. Carrot juice
  • The antioxidative effects of nutrients such as beta-carotene work on directly on the layers of skin,
    and as with tomato juice, have sun-blocking benefits.

  • 3. Acerola juice
  • Acerola juice is abundant in Vitamin C, which accelerates the rebuilding of skin.
    However, as Vitamin C is immediately flushed out of the body,
    we recommend consumption in frequent regular doses in small amounts.


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