Hair Shampoo

"Which shampoo do you use?"
Healthy and beautiful hair naturally attracts admiring glances and interest.
Who doesn't want to hear this question?
"My hair is my best feature, I want to show it to it's full potential."
"I want to have long, healthy, shiney hair."
"I want to save my damaged hair."
"Even if I have to spend a bit more, I want to use a good shampoo."
You may have had one or all of these wishes at some point.
A good quality shampoo cleans away dirt and grime, leaving you closer to your ideal hair and with an extra boost of confidence.

Hair Treatment

Hair that has been often dyed, permed, or otherwise heavily styled often suffers from damage not just on the external layers, but also deep inside the core. This can cause breakage and other forms of unsightly and difficult to fix damage.
You can help prevent this damage by using high quality, professional treatments and conditioners that work to protect and nourish your hair strands both inside and out. The products below are salon quality products that are highly recommended for reversing and protecting against damaged hair.

Hair Oil

There are a huge variety of hair oils and milks available, each with it's own special characteristic.
The hair oils below are a selection from those used by professional stylists in Japan. Each has it's own unique characteristic that is most suited to different hair types.