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Combining traditional methods with the newest technologies for the ultimate in all over pampering, Japanese beauty techniques focus on nurturing and feeding the core, from your hair to skin to the inside, in order to produce a luminous glow that radiates confidence.From the daily to the weekly routine, we have collected a variety of Japanese beauty secrets and products for you to try.

Facial packs and masks add essential moisture to your skin.

Face packs contain beauty ingredients and enzymes that nurture your skin , helping it appear smooth and beautiful. The pack covers your entire face, helping you control the effects of dry skin, particularly in the cold and dry seasons. For a quick fix on the go, face packs allow you to apply beauty ingredients in small areas such as the sides of the nose, helping you prevent your makeup from smudging. This is a definite favorite among Japanese women.

Apply face lotion to lock moisture in and prevent drying.

Face serums and toners are must-haves, especially if your skin is prone to dryness. These products can help your skin retain its moisture and natural oils, providing thorough care for your skin. Use your hand or a cotton pad to carefully apply the face lotion, taking care not to damage the skin.

Smooth and firm your skin with facial beauty devices.

The number of Japanese women who use facial beauty devices as part of their skin care is increasing. Facial beauty devices can help your skin feel clean, smooth, and supple. The type of device that you should use varies depending on your beauty objective. For example, some devices emit ultrasonic waves, and some are designed to tighten your skin. Make sure to think about which type of device your skin really needs before making a purchase.

Even in winter, protect your skin against damaging ultraviolet rays.

Sunburn can cause your skin to suffer from stains, wrinkles, and slackness. By protecting yourself against ultraviolet rays, you can control the production of melanin caused by sunburn, preventing your skin from developing stains and freckles. Fall and winter are the seasons when the sun gets lower in the sky, causing the sunrays to hit our skin more directly, and hence increasing the risk of sunburn on your face. Although taking care of your skin is important in the summer, a skin care routine in the winter is also a must.

Fragrance is also part of your etiquette! Think of the person that you want to become when choosing a perfume

Perfume is a great addition to your beauty routine. To make the right choice, think of the person that you want to become and select a perfume that fits that image. Lanvin offers a fresh aroma, like those from newly-blossomed flowers, making you feel fresh and clean as if you had just come out of a bath. Angel Heart and Baby Doll provide a sweet aroma.The bottles also feature cute designs that will lift your spirits every time you use them.

Transform your skin by following a weekly routine specially focused on smoothing the surface and promoting circulation deep inside.

Use body scrubs and gentle massage twice a week as part of your special care routine to attain smooth and supple skin. This will help remove dead skin cells and reduce puffiness, making your skin look luminous."Sabon" is a body scrub made with a base of salt from the Dead Sea.After washing your face, massage it gently onto your skin and then rinse off with a shower of water. This will help natural oils permeate your skin, making it feel smooth and soft.

Tackle concern areas with a little bit of support.

Some women may have concerns regarding their appearance, perhaps about a slightly bulging stomach or a wish for their busts to be a bit bigger.However, if you have an area that is of particular concern for you or a special event you would like to put a little extra effort into preparing for, there are a variety of support items that you can try.For example, MediQttO is a product that takes care of your whole leg, from the thighs to the tip of your toes, helping you achieve beautiful legs while you are asleep.

Bath-time massages are key to promoting healthy and happy skin and hair.

When having a bath or shower, we all typically use shampoo and conditioner, but a Japanese beauty secret to getting that healthy head of hair is to incorporate some scalp massage as part of your bath-time routine. A massage can help to promote blood circulation and prevent the skin pores from becoming blocked; making massages a simple and effective technique for achieving healthy and beautiful hair.

Selecting the right dryer is essential to keeping your hair's healthy shine.

In addition to shampoo and treatments, the right hair dryer is also an important item for maintaining your hair and keeping it glossy. It is believed that letting your hair dry naturally after a bath or shower may cause breakage, and this damages the cuticles on the surface of the hair, potentially blocking blood circulation in the scalp. Nowadays, there are many more high-performance dryers available in the market. For example, some are designed to reduce friction damage and the effect of ultraviolet rays on the hair, and some are designed to blow hot air and steam to reduce hair damage.

Take the right vitamins to achieve your health goals.

Moving on to internal beauty, supplements can keep your body in good condition. If you love eating food but are worried about your calorie intake, Calorie Limit is a very popular product that helps control the amount of sugar and fat that you absorb from your food. In addition, there are also many other supplements created to help you efficiently top up on vitamins.

No need to go hungry while dieting -- you can enjoy a wealth of healthy foods.

Control calorie intake by choosing dishes such as konjac ramen noodles and low-calorie pasta. Green smoothies —often loved by models and athletes— are also highly popular in Japan and often are used as an easy and convenient breakfast. Some of these smoothies are powdered, meaning there is no need to prepare vegetables or use a food mixer.


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