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Campaign Period : Oct. 01, 2018 11:00AM - (JST)

Entry Required APP Exclusive and other conditions apply


Maximum of 5,000 Limited-Time Rakuten Super Points will be rewarded to all eligible users.
Only purchases made during the promotion period are eligible.
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Campaign Period : Oct. 01, 2018 11:00AM - (JST)

Entry Required APP Exclusive and other conditions apply



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Campaign Period 10/1/2018 11:00 AM - (JST = Japan Standard Time)
Benefits Bonus Rakuten Super Points If you make a purchase at Rakuten Global Market App , you will receive 5% additional  Bonus Rakuten Super Points** (see below for details)

When will I receive
Bonus Rakuten Super Points?
If you make an entry and a purchase between 1st to the end of the month, your Bonus Rakuten Super Points will be rewarded at the end of the following month and will expire in 30 days.

For example, if a purchase is made on 10/15/2018, Bonus Rakuten Super Points will be rewarded on 11/30/2018 and will expire on 12/30/2018 23:59PM (Japan Standard Time).

Please make sure to spend your Bonus Points within the allotted time period, otherwise they will be void.
Bonus Rakuten Super Points Restrictions 1) Bonus Rakuten Super Points are granted only when customers make their purchase by Rakuten Global App during campaign period

2) You must make an entry through the entry button during the Campaign Period to be eligible for the "Bonus Rakuten Super Points" promotion by clicking the "Enter & Receive Points" button on the promotion page. Only registered Rakuten Members will be eligible to enter. If you are not registered as a Rakuten member, please register and log in before entering.

3) Entry month and purchase month must be the same month to be eligible for the Rakuten Super Points.

4) Any cancelled orders will not qualify for this promotion, regardless of whether the cancellation was requested by you or the shop.

5) Order only made by Rakuten Global Market App will be eligible. Order made by other App, such as Rakuten Ichiba App, Rakuten books App will be not eligible.

6) The "Bonus Rakuten Super Points" earned in this promotion are considered "Limited-Time Rakuten Super Points" and will be distributed separately from "Regular Rakuten Super Points," which are earned under normal conditions and displayed at checkout.

7) Rakuten Super Points (both Regular and Bonus) cannot be used to pay shipping fees.

8) Upon using the awarded Bonus Rakuten Super Points, if any cancellation or changes in the order amount occur after the expiration date, your Rakuten Super Points will not be refunded.

9) Points calculation is based on the total accumulated purchase amount (including tax, excluding shipping and handling fees, after applying coupon or any other discounts, before using existing Rakuten Super Points).

* Please don't forget to use the Bonus Rakuten Super Points before they expire.

* Each user can only receive a maximum of 5,000 Bonus Rakuten Super Points from the promotion regardless of the number of purchases.

* One Rakuten Super Point is worth one JPY for purchases on both Japan Rakuten Ichiba website and the Rakuten Global Market website.

* The minimum point usage is 1 Rakuten Super Points per order.

* Platinum/Gold/Silver/Regular members can use up to 30,000 Rakuten Super Points per order. Diamond members can use up to 500,000 Rakuten Super Points per order.

* Platinum/Gold/Silver/Regular members can use up to 100,000 (cumulative) Rakuten Super Points per month. Diamond members can use up to 500,000 (cumulative) Rakuten Super Points per month.

10) Points calculation is based on the purchase value (including tax) however, In case that you use any discount coupon to purchase except Rakuten Super Point , the purchase amount will be calculated based on the item price after any discount is applied.

* The price before point reduction is applied.

* The price after any coupon discount is applied

* The price after any discount except point deduction , such as Alipay 5 % discount, Tax Free Service provided by some merchant .

11) Collection and Use of Rakuten Super Points are subject to the terms. Click here for more details.

* Click here to learn more about Rakuten Super Points

12) Entry can be made after purchase, as long as the purchase is made during the promotion period.

13) To qualify for the point benefit, your order must be shipped to an address outside of Japan or address within Japan provided by any forwarding companies to be eligible for the benefit. *Check out our official forwarding service partners here.
How to purchase in Rakuten Global Market 1) Search the product you want (you could enter the product name in the search box in Japanese if you cannot find the match result in your language)

2) Add items to the Cart (some items require you to choose the color, size, etc. before you can add them to the Cart)

3) Check out with the items (you can use the coupon as well as points if you have any).

4) After completing the checkout process, you will first receive an automatic email from the system immediately (The transaction is not complete yet. This is NOT an order confirmation, but an email informing you that your request has been sent to the shop. No need to reply.)

5) You will need to REPLY to the second email which informs you of the final total price including shipping fee, to confirm your order.    *Some shops may not send you a second email, in which case your order is placed without you knowing the final total price including the shipping fee. In such a case, please contact the shop directly if you would like to know the final price before your order is placed.

The email will include the final price you need to pay (purchase amount + shipping fee)

If you do not reply to the second email in time, your order may be cancelled by the shop.

* Please be aware that while most merchants include consumption tax in the final product price, some merchants may exclude consumption tax from the final product price.

* Click here for more details on payment methods

* Click here for more details on shipping rate and methods

* Click here for more details on how to shop

* Click here for more details on return and cancellation policy
Remarks Rakuten reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is ineligible or is judged to have participated unfairly in this promotion or have violated the terms and conditions of this promotion.

This promotion may be changed, stopped or terminated by Rakuten Global Market without any prior notification.

Applicable customs, import duties, and tax may be charged after the parcel arrives in its destination country or region. These charges must be paid separately by the customer. For more information, please contact the Customer Institutions of the destination country or region.

In the event of a conflict between different translations of these rules, the English translation will prevail.
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