How to use Rakuten Super Points?

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Did you know?

More than 13 million customers have been rewarded with over 10,000 points, with some reaching as high as 50,000 and even 100,000 points! Rakuten points, it's the rewards program that everyone enjoys.

Rewarded 10,000 points

13,490,000 people!

Rewarded 50,000x points

4,490,000 people!

Rewarded 100,000x points

2,120,000 people!

How does Rakuten Super Points work?

Get rewarded with Rakuten Super Points for every purchase you make as a registered member. You'll get 1% back in points on every purchase. Every 1 Rakuten Super Point is worth 1 JPY.

Campaign Rules

Campaign period 2017/7/18 10:00 AM - 2017/7/27 9:59 AM (JST)
Participating Shop All shops selling on Rakuten Global Market
Eligible order Threshold

Total purchase value during checkout will need to be over 8,000 JPY (including tax) to qualify for the campaign

Purchase value:
* The amount after coupons are applied
* Exclude the amount of shipping fee and import duties
* Please refer to FAQ for detail example

Points back 20% is awarded to the total purchase value made during the campaign period in the form of Rakuten Super Points
Award date Rakuten Super Points will be awarded on August 24th, 2017
Expiration date Rakuten Super Points will be expired on November 24th, 2017
Other conditions 1. Each Rakuten member can receive a maximum of 10,000 Bonus Rakuten Super Points as a result of this campaign.
2. Eligible purchases must be made through registered Rakuten Member accounts during the campaign period.
3. Purchases must be shipped to an overseas address using international shipping. Addresses within Japan provided by forwarding companies and other such services are not eligible.
4. Customers can use collected points during checkout however 20% points back will be calculated to the purchase value before points are used.
Cancellation Any cancelled orders will not qualify for this promotion, regardless of whether the cancellation was initiated by you or the merchant.
Please note that each store has its own cancellation policy. (Click here) Please confirm with the purchased shop for further information.
Step by step purchase flow Click here to understand step by step purchase flow
Note ・All dates and times are according to Japan Standard Time (JST).
・Rakuten Super Points cannot be used to pay shipping and handling fees.
・Upon usage of the awarded Rakuten Super Points, if any cancellation or changes in the order amount occurs after the expiration date, your Rakuten Super Points will not be refunded.
・Total purchase value will be the sum of all purchases made during the campaign period.
・Pre-ordered items that can be sent out before August 17th, 2017 are eligible for this campaign.
・Points calculation is based on the purchase value (including tax) and after any coupons are applied.
・Collection and Use of Rakuten Super Points are subject to the terms specified here.
Remarks ・Rakuten reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is ineligible or is judged to have participated unfairly in this campaign or have violated the terms and conditions of this campaign.
・This campaign may be changed, stopped or terminated by Rakuten Global Market without any prior notification.


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