Our Social Contribution Activities

Contributing Towards a Sustainable Society

Contributing Towards a Sustainable Society

Empowerment Through Collaboration with Customers,
Partners and other Stakeholders

Through our social contribution activities, we address substantial issues using our services and know-how,
hand in hand with all the people who are involved in the Rakuten Group: business partners, customers, governments, NPOs…


Inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs

By conveying the possibilities of the Internet in collaboration with schools and our partners,
we aim to nurture the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Provide opportunities for children

Together with all our partners, we support children for them to grow and reach their dreams.


Create positive change together

Empowering local communities is Rakuten's fundamental philosophy. Through our activities, we offer with our partners a platform that will support their development.


Make the future sustainable

The Internet and the Environment are not without any connection to one another.
We conduct various initiatives in order to leave a sustainable environment to the next generations.


What Rakuten’s network can do

The role of Internet services is even greater in the event of a disaster.
Rakuten, thanks to the network of users and partners, provides a platform that can assist relief efforts.