Shareholder Relations

Relations with Shareholders and Investors

The Rakuten Group proactively discloses appropriate information that is required of a public company. Management strategies, financial performance, key management indicators and other company information necessary for investment decisions is provided promptly, appropriately and fairly so that the Rakuten Group's corporate value is assessed appropriately.

For example, we work hard to ensure that the overall Group's activities are properly understood by market participants, and hold meetings with institutional investors and analysts, both from Japan and countries overseas. We also proactively disclose information on our investor relations (IR) website to promptly and fairly communicate with a broad range of shareholders and investors. Our IR site provides earnings announcements, timely disclosures and other information as well as shareholder communications and annual reports in English. After quarterly earnings announcements, a video of the investor briefing is posted.

The Rakuten Group ensures the health and transparency of management through communication with capital markets. By incorporating evaluations from capital markets into management, we work to improve management quality and raise shareholder value.

Policy on Shareholder Returns

The Rakuten Group regards healthy profit growth as a key management priority, and we work on this basis to improve performance and strengthen our financial position.

Our basic policy on shareholder returns is to distribute profits to shareholders while taking into account enhancements to internal reserves and other considerations for maintaining a healthy financial position and providing for active business development. We are committed to providing a stable dividend that is not affected by performance in a given fiscal year.

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