Our Employees

To improve the work environment for all Rakuten employees, initiatives are taken to facilitate communication within the company.

To realize the Rakuten Group’s goal of “Empower Japan, Empower the World,” we believe that it is important for employees, who are the key to achieving this goal, to actively participate in company management with boundless energy and a strong sense of ethics.

With all employees united and committed to our Brand Concept, the Rakuten Group's shared set of values, we are able to contribute to society, succeed at business and make all sorts of activities a reality. Replace with: "One of our maxims, "Keep Growing," is based on the concept of continual growth for individuals employees as well the company as a whole. We strive to provide a pleasant work environment in order to realize this value."

By "pleasant working environment," the Rakuten Group means a place, in Japan and overseas, that enriches both body and mind, and where every employee can perform their job in a rational manner, with a clear understanding of management's vision and the company's trajectory. To achieve this, we provide all employees with a clear understanding of the Rakuten Group's ideals and guidelines through various initiatives, and establish pleasant, highly productive working environments by standardizing and improving work processes, with the participation of eovide opportunities to build trust.


With "Succeed as a Team" a key part of our Brand Concepts, the Rakuten Group creates various opportunities for all employees, who make up the large team that is the Rakuten Group, to share information for realizing the Group's objectives. We also work to unify employee awareness by broadly communicating our Values, Mission and Practices-the ideals of the Rakuten Group-as well as more specific business strategies.

Opportunities for sharing information are provided at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning meetings(ASAKAI) that are held every week, as well as at biannual meetings to announce operating plans. We place emphasis on sharing information and strategies simultaneously with all employees, regardless of their function and department. Broadcasting information live to over 50 office locations in Japan and overseas puts all employees on the same page. Announcements are generally made through joint employee-led meetings. For example, in addition to addresses by the President, each business announces its strategies and performance, and specialists convey news on technology, marketing and other areas.


The "Rakuten shugi"(Rakuten-ism) concept was created in May 2008 to systematize and clearly document best practices for Rakuten Group employees. The concept is put into practice by each individual employee. The Rakuten Philosophy is a shared set of guidelines that applies both to offices in Japan and Group companies overseas. It has been translated into English and Chinese.

In addition, in July 2008, we formulated the Rakuten Group Regulations to serve as a shared set of rules for the Rakuten Group. The regulations help standardize work processes and improve employee productivity. Even since the regulations have been established, they continue to evolve with day-to-day improvements, as employee suggestions and feedback are incorporated into them.

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