6 organizations selected to join the Rakuten Social Accelerator

Rakuten Social Accelerator


6 organizations and 60 Rakuten employees

During the 6 months to come, about 60 Rakuten employees will bring their support to design marketing plans, build web services and platforms... for the 6 organizations joining the Rakuten Social Accelerator program, in order to see their businesses grow as they address social issues.

About 100 organizations submitted their applications and on June 15th, the 11 finalists presented their projects one last time. As a result, the 6 organizations below were selected to collaborate with Rakuten employees.
Here are a few comments from their representatives.

Organization overview

"For 5 years, we have been cultivating and selling flowers to corporates, flowers that make the financial autonomy of people with disabilities a reality. Through our collaboration with Rakuten, we hope to reach individual customers too and see their understanding and empathy grow across the country. And every time people are to buy flowers, we would like them to choose flowers with a story."
Satoshi Nabe, Representative Officer

"We are very happy to be able to take advantge of Rakuten's technologies and to work with employees with different expertise for our project Hybrid Screening. With the use of technologies, we will make the choice of learning and working possible from anywhere, anytime, an obvious one."
Makoto Matsuura, Program director

Taberu Magazine
"The extreme aging of the population and the primary sector lacking workforce. With our food publication "Taberu Magazine", we have been highlighting the charms of producers, and we have sparked changes in consumer behaviors. Thanks to your support, we will reinforce our promotion and expand this change in food producers and consumers."
Atsuhisa Emori, General Manager

"We want to lay the groundwork to turn the hidden charms of local communities into value, together with Rakuten by for instance multiplying our service distribution channels and improving our PR and business model."
Rina Nagaoka, Representative

After School
"The use of technologies will enrich our program After School that aims to raise children with the society as a whole. We are happy to have the possibility to learn from Rakuten employees and to deliver strong programs to a larger number of children."
Yuki Shimamura, Director

"We would like to create new sales channels, connecting small merchants and nearby communities in Africa. We hope we can learn from Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten University to have a bigger impact and in a shorter period of time. I am really looking forward to our collaboration."
Satoshi Akita, President CEO

For more information about our program, please check out the news on our website.

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