Rakuten Mobile Library

Project Team



The cosmestic company Kao organized special campaigns on Rakuten Ichiba, during which part of the sales were donated to purchase new books. Kao enriched the collections of the Mobile Library in four areas.



Since October 2015, Rakuten Mobile Library visited local communities across the entire prefecture of Hokkaido. The e-book library OverDrive was introduced to the initiative for the first time in Hokkaido.


Rakuten Mobile Libray was launched in May 2014 in Gifu Prefecture as a public-private project, targeting first mountain areas where access to traditional libraries is difficult. Part of the books of Rakuten Mobile Library belonged to public libraries of Gifu Prefecture.


By collaborating with Shimane Prefecture, Rakuten Mobile Library operation answered local needs since July 2014. In its collection of books, which partially belonged to public libraries of the prefecture, stories written by famous local authors were available to keep Shimane's traditional culture alive.


Rakuten Ichiba

Rakuten Ichiba merchants located in Gunma Prefecture kindly helped with the organization of the operations and local events

Rakuten Books

All the books in Rakuten Mobile Library were purchased through Rakuten Books.

Rakuten Travel

Rakuten Travel hoteliers brought their help in the operation planning.

Rakuten Life Insurance

All books in Rakuten Mobile Library in Gunma and Hokkaido Prefectures were donated by Rakuten Life Insurance.



All Mobile Library vehicles were equipped with e-book readers Kobo, that could be borrowed like any other book.


The Mobile Library in Hokkaido featured an online e-book library. Users unable to travel to Rakuten Mobile Library could use their personal devices to borrow e-books from anywhere.

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