Rakuten Mobile Library

Rakuten Mobile Library in France (2015-2016)


Rakuten Mobile Library, from the children of Japan to their friends in France



Rakuten Mobile Library on the roads of France

Rakuten Mobile Library traveled on the roads of France with books and e-books to improve child literacy.


Initative purpose

Even if France is a developed country, many children have reading difficulties. The Mobile Library operations started in the Northern part of France where tackling this issue and supporting education are particularly relevant.
Operations were conducted in collaboration with the Nord Federation of the local NPO "SPF" (Secours Populaire Français).


Mobile Library made in France

For its launch in France, the Mobile Library featured a new design. The "Bibliobus" was loaded with 2,400 popular children's books and 5 Kobo e-books. It was also equipped with a bench, a table and a heater to provide a comfortable reading space all year long!

Many books brought to children

A least 3 times a week, the Mobile Library visited children in community centers, cultural centers and SPF local offices. Children could read books of its collection for an hour or two, and even borrow them for free.

Activities in migrant camps

Thanks to various local actors that collaborated with SPF, the Bibliobus fulfilled more than its traditional function of library. It for example served as a support for the cultural activities organized by community centers, provided a resting spot during local events, and regularly assisted a story-teller who visits migrant camps in order to develop the interest of children for French and help their integration.

Collaboration with the NPO "SPF"

The Mobile Library in France was the first project launched within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding, signed between the two partners during SPF's 70th anniversary celebration. The event was held on the Champ-de-Mars park in Paris in August 2015 with 70,000 children gathered by SPF.


Total number of books


*As of December 2016

Total number of users


*As of December 2016


Secours Populaire Français (French Popular Relief)

Created in 1945, "Secours Populaire Français" (French Popular Relief) is a non-profit organization operating on donations, dedicated to fighting poverty and discrimination in France and the world.
In France, SPF particularly focuses on providing victims of discrimination with emergency shelter, food, clothing, and referrals to health care facilities. SPF also operates globally, responding to emergency or development projects.


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