Rakuten Mobile Library

Activities in Japan

Rakuten Mobile Library contributed to keeping local cultures alive in 3 areas in Japan thanks to its collection of books, e-books and its digital library


Rakuten Mobile Libraries visited up to 5 prefectures in Japan: Fukushima, Gifu, Shimane, Gunma and Hokkaido.

Fukushima (2012-2017)

Rakuten Mobile Library was launched in Fukushima to promote education and support disaster-relief support efforts, focusing on the children in areas that received less public help.

Gifu (2014-2017)

Rakuten Mobile Libray was launched in May 2014 in Gifu Prefecture as a public-private project, targeting first mountain areas were access to traditional libraries is difficult. Part of the books of Rakuten Mobile Library belong to public libraries of Gifu Prefectures.

Shimane (2014-2017)

By collaborating with Shimane Prefecture, Rakuten Mobile Library operations answered local needs since July 2014. In its collection of books, which partially belonged to public libraries of the prefecture, stories written by famous local authors were available to keep Shimane's traditional culture alive.

Gunma (2014-2017)

Rakuten Mobile Library was launched in November 2014 in Gunma to revitalize the region. Rakuten Ichiba merchants Rakuten Travel hoteliers helped plan the oeprations to visit the children in kindergartens and nursery schools.

Hokkaido (2015-2017)

From October 2015 to June 2017, Rakuten Mobile Library visited local communities across the entire prefecture of Hokkaido. The e-book library OverDrive was introduced to the initiative for the first time in Hokkaido.


Compact vehicle

The Rakuten Mobile Library vehicle was not as large as usual mobile libraries.

Over 1,200 books!

Behind the rear doors, shelves covered with books were installed on both sides of the vehicle. Novels, picture books, mangas... but also history and cooking books for adults.

Not only paper books!

Rakuten Mobile Library provided various reading experiences, with the e-book readers Kobo and the e-book library OverDrive.

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