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What's New?


About Rakuten Mobile Library

The aim of the Mobile Library is to support reconstruction and promote education, but it has come to be quite a significant addition to the lives of adults and children alike in smaller communities. It has served as a place of entertainment for many people.

Reading helps children gain all sorts of knowledge and develop their imagination. Reading also boosts their ability to express themselves. By giving children more reading opportunities, children interact more with each other, exercising their communication skills. The Rakuten Mobile Library is contributing to children’s potential in many different ways.

Rakuten Mobile Library, operating first in Fukushima Prefecture, is now traveling in three other prefecturesin Japan since April 2014: Gifu, Shimane, and Gunma Prefectures.Rakuten Mobile Library initiative is to become global from 2015, starting with France.

Started in Fukushima, expanding to around Japan and the rest of the world

Supporting reconstruction, promoting education, and commutity support

Spreading children potential trough reading experience

Activity Report

From Japan to the rest of the world
Bringing Books to your area

Operation Schedule

You can check the schedule of Mobile Library in each area. Come and visit us!

During the operation period, due to unexpected situation such as weather condition, etc., there will be time where we might end the operation sooner than schedule. Thank you for understanding. We will upadate schedule of each region at the end of the prior month.

How to Use the Mobile Library

We bring children books, picture book, e-book, and reading experience to your area!

Feel free to contact our regional representative offices.

Service is limited only to the activity regions. For application in other region please apply and we will discuss. Please be aware that there is a case that application can not be fulfilled depends on the situation.

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