Rakuten Mobile Library

An easy access to books for the children of Japan

Equipped with many books, Kobo e-readers and an e-library Overdrive, Rakuten Mobile Library was first launched in Fukushima in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Up to 5 vehicles delivered fun reading experiences throughout Japan.



Books for the children of Fukushima

Rakuten Mobile Library first arrived in Fukushima Prefecture in 2012, with the main purpose of supporting the children affected by the Great East Japan earthquake.

Operations started in the interior of the prefecture, which received less public aid compared to the coastal area.


With the support of all the stakeholders

The books inside Rakuten Mobile Library were purchased by the users of the Internet shopping mall "Rakuten Ichiba" as part of the project "Tasukeai", a special site providing a mean for Rakuten members to donate specific supplies to people living in areas hit by the Great East Japan earthquake.



Total number of users


* as of Jun, 2017

Total number of books


* as of Jun, 2017


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