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Risk Management

In Rakuten Group, the "Regulations for Group Risk Management" is stipulated in RGR (Rakuten Group Regulation) in order to respond to the risks which would have a negative impact on the achievement of the business goals. We implement risk management based on this regulation.

Group Risk Management Committee

In Rakuten Group, Group Risk Management Committee is set up as an organization of examining the policy to respond to risks which have the possibility of giving serious impact on group as a whole. The head of which is the president of Rakuten, Inc.

Risk Categories and Principal Organizational units in charge of Risk

In Rakuten Group, we classify risks into 10 categories and set a principal organizational unit in-charge-of each risk. The Risk Management System responding to the characteristics of each risk is established and is continuously revised.

Risk Assessment

In Rakuten Group, in order to understand the situation of the risk management of each organization, we identify risks regularly. Amongst the identified risks, those which have the possibility of giving serious impact on the Rakuten Group as a whole are reported to the Group Risk Management Committee. At the commitee, the policy of responding to such risks is discussed, and the concrete countermeasures will be determined by the Risk Managment Department or the principal organizational units in-charge-of risk. Each organization and domestic/overseas group companies will impement the countermeasures. Based on the results of risk assessment, the risk management method is revised regularly.

KRI(Key Risk Indicator)

In Rakuten Group, each princial organizational unit in-charge-of risk shall set KRI (Key Risk Indicator) in order to understand the situation of each category of risk in each organization. The KRI is regularly collected from each organization and domsetic/overseas companies. KRI is collected by the Risk Management Department and reported to the Group Risk Management Committee. Also, the Risk Management Department monitors the KRI values by the cross-sectional points of view.

Incident Response

In Rakuten Group, the incident management system is established under the Risk Management Department in order to centralize in managing each incident. This system allows the department to build knowledge in providing proper instructions in response to each incident and in preventing reoccurrence of each incident. The Risk Management Department reports the serious incidents to the Group Risk Management Committee and responds according to the insturctions of the policy.

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