Rakuten IT School

Course Content

Rakuten Ichiba merchants, Rakuten Travel hoteliers, and Rakuten employees give a series of classes about e-commerce.


The 8 lessons given during Rakuten IT School cover the following topics

classroom lectures
  • About Rakuten's business model and services
  • How to convey the value of a product
Basics of Marketing
  • To think about marketing
  • To know the product
  • To draft a retail plan
retail page draft
Retail page preparation
  • What makes a page effective
  • Retail page drafting
Workplace tour
  • Visit of merchant’s/hotelier’s workplace
page creation and sales launch
Retail page finalization
  • Image creation
  • Improvements
retail page update
Sales verification, improvement and customer attraction
  • Sales verification and improvement measures
  • Shop and hotel case studies
National Championship and reflection on the Rakuten IT School experience
IT School National Championship
  • Present what was learnt during the classes
Wrap up
  • Wrap up what was learnt on how to deliver the value of products
  • Listen to the experience of the representing team at the IT Shool National Championship
  • Wrap up by the merchants/hoteliers