Rakuten IT School 2017

Rakuten, local companies and schools to partner for practical e-commerce experiences

Over 10 years, the pro bono program Rakuten IT School provided lectures to high school students in Japan to give them a hands-on experience of what e-commerce is.



Employees and business partners as lecturers

The classes are made possible thanks to the collaboration of the schools, the local merchants and hoteliers of Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Travel, and the employees of Rakuten. The lectures are given by the employees of Rakuten and of its business partners.


10th anniversary celebrated in 55 schools

The initiative launched in 2008 with 3 schools celebrates in 2017 its 10th anniversary across Japan in 55 schools. The classes, given as part of the commercial high school curriculum on e-commerce, give the students a real hands-on experience.



Number of graduates


* As of February 2018

Number of schools participating


* As of February 2018

Number of lecturers


* As of February 2018

Total lecture time


* As of February 2018

* The numbers of graduates, schools, merchants and hoteliers are total numbers
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