Rakuten IT School

National Championship 2016



Through the web pages, the value of the offers are conveyed to the customer
The students built retail plans for products and travel plans that can be purchased online. Their actual preformances are taken into the National Championship results.

Innovative presentations from each team
Students use their creativity to stand out during the preliminaries and reach the finals.

Special guest talk
Celebrities, merchants and hotelier shared their stories with the students. This year, Ayaka Hirahara (singer) and Takeshi Matsuda (athlete) joined the event.


On January 13, 2017, 63 teams from all around Japan, each representing one school, gathered in Tokyo Midtown Hall to compete on stage in front of an audience of professionals. They gave innovative presentations to explain about their marketing strategies and retail pages, hoping to become the number one team in Rakuten IT School National Championship 2016!



Before accessing the main stage, the teams were split in 5 rooms, each with a panel of professional judges. Slideshow, costumes, acting... they made the best use of their imagination to make an impression and be selected among the best 12 teams.

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Panel discussion

What kind of high school student were you? What were your dreams then? What made you the successful person you are today? Merchants and hoteliers of Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Travel told about their personal experiences to further inspire the students.

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The 12 teams competing to become the Rakuten IT School 2016 Champions gave their presentation one last time in front of a larger crowd of 850 people.

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Award ceremony

Best accomodation plan, best presentation, best sales, jury special prize, and of course 3rd, 2nd and 1st prize! The judges and students rewarded their favorite teams.

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First Prize

Kirishima City Kokubun Chuo High School
With Cocoleca

The team built its retail plan, based on the gauze kit "Hazimari", from the point of view of a new mum.

Winners' comment
Until now, we were only on the "buying side" and being on the "selling side" was a first.
It was interesting to experience how difficult it is to build those web pages that we usually browse without paying attention.

Second Prize

Sakushin Gakuen Sakushin High School
With you2 han

The team sold bath salt lucky bags targeting men in their 40s.

Winners' comment
At first, understanding the meaning of "F.A.B." and expressing it on a page was difficult. We had no knowledge of how a web page was built so we had to start from zero. But little by little, with our team's efforts, we were able to come to that point and we enjoyed it.

Third Prize

Ishikawa Prefectural Kanazawa Commercial High School
With d-fit

The team advertised a tongue cleaner as new habit to take against bad breath.

Winners' comment
We never had the opportunity to make a presentation in front of an audience until today. But with this activity, being able to do so had a big impact on me and on my self-confidence.

Best Retail Page Prize

Shiga Prefectural Otsu Commercial High School
With Livingut

Best Accomodation Plan Prize

Seki City Seki Commercial & Technical High School
With Ogawaya

Best Presentation Prize

Yamato Seiran High School
With Hisamatsu

Jury Special Prize

Kyoto Prefectural Kyoto Subaru High School
With Windpal

Jury Special Prize ("Exactly 3 minutes" Prize)

Shimane Prefectural Izumo Commercial High School
With Sushi-nihonkai

Best Sales Prize

Gifu Prefectural Gifu Commercial High School
With Takayama Green Hotel

High School Students' Special Prize

Wakayama Prefectural Wakayama Commercial High School
With Kinokuniyabunzaemon-honpo

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