February 27, 2015
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten GORA Begins Offering its First App
for Wearable Devices

Tokyo, February 27, 2015 – Rakuten, Inc., operator of Rakuten GORA, one of Japan’s largest golf course reservation sites, announced that today it has released “Rakuten GORA Scorecard,” an app for wearable devices with the Android WearTM*1 operating system that allows users to easily record their score during play. It is the first app from Rakuten GORA for wearable devices. Currently, the app is available on the SmartWatch 3 from Sony Mobile Communications Inc., and in the future, there are plans to bring the app to other Android WearTM equipped devices.

Rakuten GORA Scorecard was developed to be used on a smartwatch to allow users to quickly and easily record their score whilst playing golf, without having to take their smartphone out of their bag or pocket. After the game, the score data input into the wearable device is sent to the users smartphone, where the user can check their scores and analyze their play from the Rakuten GORA smartphone app*2 or through the Rakuten GORA website.

To date, Rakuten GORA has offered various services geared towards golf, such as its golf course reservation site as well as scorekeeping play analysis services. By adding the Rakuten GORA Scorecard app to its lineup, Rakuten GORA will be able to offer even more comprehensive support for its users.

Rakuten GORA will continue to strive to provide a wide range of services that make golf more enjoyable and convenient for its users.

Overview of the Rakuten GORA Scorecard app

Available from: From February 27, 2015

How to use the app:
Download the Rakuten GORA smartphone app from the Google Play store*3
1. Before playing, select the golf course from the menu of the smartphone app*4
2. From the score input screen of the smartphone app, launch the Rakuten GORA Scorecard app on the wearable device
3. Input the score into the Rakuten GORA Scorecard app*5
4. After play, the user can view the details of their play based on the score data from the Rakuten GORA Scorecard app through the Rakuten GORA smartphone app or the Rakuten GORA website.

Supported devices: SmartWatch 3, a smartwatch device from Sony Mobile Communications Inc. (As of February 27, 2015)
URL: http://gora.golf.rakuten.co.jp/doc/guide/gora_app/wear/

*Please note that the Rakuten GORA apps are only available in Japanese.
*1 Android Wear™ is an operating system for wearable devices offered by Google
*2 Rakuten GORA offers Android™ and iOS versions of its smartphone app
*3 Before using the Rakuten GORA Scorecard app, it is necessary to pair the smartphone and wearable device
*4 Golf courses that are not listed among the options can be registered by the user
*5 Users can enter each stroke as it is taken or the total number of strokes at the end of each hole

About Rakuten GORA
Rakuten GORA is an online golf reservation site started in February 2000. The service was merged with Rakuten’s golf reservation site, Golf Port, and the name was officially changed to Rakuten GORA in October 2004. Currently, golf reservations can be made for some 1,900 courses in Japan. Since it was launched, Rakuten GORA has grown to become one of Japan’s largest golf related sites.


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