June 30, 2014
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten to Start ROOM, a New Curation Service in
which Users Can Collect and Share Their Favorite Products from Rakuten Ichiba

- Smartphone WEB version to be Released First -

Tokyo, June 30, 2014 ― Rakuten, Inc. today announced ROOM, a curation service in which users can collect and share products from Rakuten Ichiba on their own exclusive page.

ROOM is a service in which users can collect and introduce their favorite products or purchased products from Rakuten Ichiba on their own exclusive user page, known as myROOM, created using their Rakuten member ID. With ROOM, users can gather their favorite products in their myROOM page by clicking on the “Colle!” button (referring to “Collection”) In addition to the images and descriptions on the Rakuten Ichiba page, users can add their own images and text about the products that they have added to their myROOM, giving them an opportunity to talk about the products they like. This allows users to not just simply collect and share images of their favorite products, but to also create pages introducing them in a more personal way.

When ROOM users discover a product through another user’s myROOM page and goes on to make a purchase of the product, the owner of the original post is awarded Rakuten Super Points equivalent to 1% of the purchase price as payment for results. This can allow more than 90 million [1] Rakuten users to develop their myROOM page as their own shop which gathers their favorite products.

ROOM has also been equipped with a social media features whereby users can follow other ROOM users and post comments, which facilitates communication between users based around their interests and tastes. When users that you are following add products to their myROOM page, information on the added products is displayed on the page automatically. Furthermore, by setting up categories of your likes and interests such as “Food,” “Beauty,” “Fashion,” and so forth, you will automatically follow popular users with the same interests, which increases the chances that you will come into contact with products that you like.

The ROOM service that is being offered from today is the Smartphone WEB version, and iPhone and Android apps are both slated to be offered in the future.

[1]:Rakuten Membership, as of March 30, 2014

ROOM Overview

Service name: ROOM
URL: https://room.rakuten.co.jp/
Start date:
June 30, 2014
Main features:
・ “Colle!”
By clicking on the “Colle!” button for products sold over Rakuten Ichiba, users can upload images of said products to their own exclusive myROOM page.
Those products on Rakuten Ichiba that users cannot click “Colle!” for include the following:
 ・Rakuten Books products
 ・Products purchased on a regular basis
 ・Jointly purchased products
 ・Buying club products
 ・Rakuten products items
 ・Privately sold products
 ・Products hidden from searches
 ・Prize products

myROOM is a user’s own exclusive pages to which they can collect and upload images of products from Rakuten Ichiba that they have clicked the “Colle!” button on. Since information on the products uploaded to myROOM page is displayed to other users, users can run the page as their own shop where they gather their favorite products. In addition, users can add their own images and text description of products in their myROOM, along with the images and descriptions of the products on the Rakuten Ichiba page. This allows users to not just simply collect and share images of the product, but to also create pages introducing them in a more personal way.

When you follow users that have created myROOM pages that suit your tastes, information on that person’s new arrivals and additions is displayed. Since new arrival information from your favorite ROOMs is streamed to you, it provides a forum similar to a shopping mall in which you collect products that suit your tastes. 

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