November 15, 2013
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Clutch’s Special Charity Fund Begins Accepting Donations to Help Victims of the Philippines Typhoon Disaster


Tokyo, November 15, 2013 – Rakuten, Inc. wishes to express its heartfelt sympathy to the victims and their families struck by the Philippines typhoon. The company prays for restoration and recovery as soon as possible.

Starting today, Rakuten, Inc. began accepting donations to provide relief to victims of the Philippines typhoon through “Rakuten Clutch’s Special Charity Fund.” This initiative will enable donations to be collected via the Internet to provide support through the variety of economic activities of the Rakuten Group.

Contributors may make donations through any method designated by the Rakuten Clutch’s Special Charity Fund, to be chosen from among Rakuten Super Points, Rakuten Card (credit card), Rakuten Bank (cash bank transfer), and Rakuten Edy (e-money).

All collected funds will be presented as a donation to the NATIONAL DISASTER RISK REDUCTION and MANAGEMENT COUNCIL of the Philippines. Furthermore, the deadline for contributions is March 3, 2014. The Rakuten Group plans to continue engaging in charity work to enable the speedy provision of aid through the Internet as part of its CSR activities.




Outline of the “Rakuten Clutch’s Special Charity Fund” for the Victims of the Philippines Typhoon

・Duration of the Initiative: From November 15, 2013 through March 3, 2014 (Rakuten Edy to begin accepting donations starting November 20)

1.      Donations through Rakuten Super Points

One Rakuten Super Point will be converted to one yen

Terms of Use:
・  Able to donate 50-30,000 points at one time
・  A maximum of 100,000 points can be used per month, inclusive of shopping and other service point redemptions.
・  If members have chosen to redeem less than 100 super points for donation purposes, they can combine this allotment with a contribution from their Rakuten credit card, to reach the minimum donation of 100 yen.

Donations through Rakuten Card

Donations of at least 100 yen to a maximum of the individual’s Rakuten Card credit limit are welcome

Terms of Use:
- Donations may range from 100 yen up to the credit limit.
- Only Rakuten Cards may be used.

3. Donations through Rakuten Bank Cash Transfers

Donations are accepted around the clock through Rakuten Bank accounts. Contributors without Rakuten Bank accounts may also make donations by transferring money directly to a designated account.

Bank Name:                     Rakuten Bank
Branch Name:                  Honten
Branch Number:               101
Type of Account:             Ordinary savings account
Account Number:            9000199
Account Name:               Charity Fund for the Victims of the Philippines Typhoon
                                       Rakuten Clutch’s Special Charity Fund Account
                                       Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

* No transfer fees will be charged for donations through Rakuten Bank accounts.
* Transfers of donations from accounts at banks other than Rakuten Bank will incur transfer fees as set by the respective banks where you have your accounts.

4. Donations through Rakuten Edy (E-Money) (Donations to Be Accepted Starting November 20)

Donations may be made through a PC (requires FeliCa Port / PaSoRi) or an Osaifu Keitai® (available only through docomo and au). Those with Android phones are asked to make donations through PCs.

* Rakuten Edy is a prepaid e-money service of the Rakuten Group. 





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