July 23, 2013
  • Rakuten Inc.

Rakuten Solar Begins Selling Power Stations for EV

New Initiative to Bolster Household Demand Response Services

TOKYO, July 23, 2013 – Rakuten Solar today announced that it will begin carrying the EV Power Station made by Nichicon Corporation through its service for selling solar power generation system for home use. Rakuten has contracted with Ecosystem Japan Co., Ltd. to serve as the sales body and installation provider for the EV Power Station. 

The EV Power Station will make it possible to offer a V2H (Vehicle to Home) system that can connect electric vehicles (EV), such as the Nissan Leaf, with a home for mutual charging and discharging. This will enable consumers to not only recharge their EV at home, but also to recharge the EV’s large capacity battery late at night with less expensive electricity. This technology can also be used to power the home during the daytime hours, whereby helping to reduce a home’s overall electricity bill. Furthermore, this will also help to reduce peak power consumption, making it possible for the EV Power Station to be utilized in demand response1 applications for reducing peak demand during tight supply-demand conditions.  

Through Rakuten Energy which was established on June 28, Rakuten has been providing a Demand Response service for contracted establishments of Rakuten Travel in regions under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Electric, the Kansai Electric and the Kyushu Electric Power. Since launch of this service, there have been strong responses from the establishments within these regions. On the other hand, since there was no demand response service for the home, Rakuten decided to provide one by initiating sales of the EV Power Station.   

Through its wholly owned subsidiary RS Empowerment, Inc., Rakuten has made an investment in Ecosystem Japan to jointly develop its business with the goal of enhancing its corporate value. Ecosystem Japan has already installed solar power systems at more than 29,000 buildings in Japan, and its sales of the EV Power Station will serve as a new business venture that will help it utilize its strengths as well as diversify its business structure. Going forward, Rakuten and Ecosystem Japan will continue to work together to develop the power supply business, starting with V2H systems, with an eye on the future liberalization of the retail power sector.

Overview of Nichicon Corporation’s EV Power Station

■ Website: https://solar.rakuten.co.jp/charger/index.html

■ Launch date: Tuesday, July 23, 2013

■ Price: Unit price: 500,400 yen (tax included) + basic installation fee: 63,000 yen (tax included)2
Consumers can also take advantage of subsidies3 provided by the national government to help defray the cost.The 200V outlet for EV charging can be purchased on a standalone basis.

About Rakuten Solar
Rakuten Solar is a solar power generation systems sales service launched in July 2012 by Rakuten. Rakuten Solar’s greatest advantage is that it offers services with reasonable prices through providing integrated services spanning from solar panel sales to installation, without the use of intermediaries. Rakuten Solar has partnered with Ecosystem Japan Co., Ltd. to establish a framework where it can provide low cost systems and services without compromising quality. In February 2013, Rakuten made an equity investment in Ecosystem Japan.

  1. When there is tight supply and demand of electricity, reduction of peak electric power through client-side efforts to curb power consumption.
  2. A separate installation fee may apply depending on the type of breaker used by the contracted power company. 
  3. Next-generation EV Charging Infrastructure Development Project initiated as part of the FY2012 supplementary budget.

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