Rakuten and the NBA to zero out the CO2 emissions of the NBA Japan Games

October 1, 2019
by Sustainability

Rakuten, Inc. and the NBA are joining hands to offset the CO2 emissions due to power consumption during the NBA Japan Games Presented by Rakuten and the NBA Fan Night Presented by Rakuten that will take place between October 8th and 10th, 2019.

Every day during the events, the power consumption of the Saitama Super Arena and affiliated facilities will be measured between 17h and 22h, and the CO2 emissions calculated based on these measurements will be offset by the use of J-Credits (derived from renewable energy).
The CO2 emissions of the NBA Japan Games will thus be reduced to zero.

In addition, the two partners will prepare a CO2 offset booth on the venue for the fans to have the opportunity to reduce their own transportation emissions to zero. For each picture taken at the booth with a selection of photo props related to basket and sustainability, 6kg of CO2 will be offset, emissions equivalent to one person per day on average. Participants will also be given an original sticker.

Rakuten and the NBA are looking forward to the fans’ visit and collaboration to the CO2 offset campaign.

Booth and sticker image

About CO2 offset

CO2 offset refers to the investment in environmental projects in order to balance out one’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the J-Credit scheme, the Japanese government certifies as "credit“ the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced or removed through efforts to introduce energy-saving devices and manage forests. This time, the NBA Japan Games’ CO2 emissions will be offset by the purchase of J-Credits, through the carbon offset credit platform service provided by Rakuten Mobile, Inc. (Rakuten Energy).