Rakuten Group & Rakuten Eagles Team Up to Fulfill Fans' Dreams

December 17, 2021
by RNN

Do you have a dream that you wish would come true? In this video, we introduce a special collaborative project put together by Rakuten Baseball and the Rakuten Group dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of Rakuten Eagles fans. Members of the project team reached out to fans on social media to hear about their dreams when it comes to the Rakuten Eagles. And over 100 responses were received! From this outpouring of submissions, the final selection was narrowed down to just three dreams: "Having our wedding photos taken at the stadium," "Watching a game with my family from the Royal Box," and "Introducing the players in sign language." Check out the video to learn more, and find out what the marketing team had to say about their efforts to make the fans' dreams come true!

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