Rakuten Payment's Online Cashless Payment Workshop for Parents and Children

December 24, 2020
by RNN

On October 11, 2020, Rakuten Payment held its very first "Cashless Payment Workshop for Parents and Children" online, inviting children aged 5 to 7 and their parents to learn about the future of payment in a fun and interactive way. The event introduced the convenience of Rakuten's cashless services such as Rakuten Pay, Rakuten Edy and Rakuten Check, while sharing effective ways to earn Rakuten Points.
To address family concerns over the increasing smartphone use by elementary school-aged children and their access to cashless payment services, the event welcomed both parents and children.
During the workshop, children learned about using cash and e-money as well as how to shop with points through participating in quizzes and shopping games.
The lively event provided an enjoyable opportunity for both parents and children to gain knowledge and become familiar with the cashless services provided by Rakuten.

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