Rakuten Hometown Tax Program Saves Onion Harvest in Okayama Prefecture

December 4, 2020
by RNN

The Rakuten Furusato Nozei ("Hometown Tax") program* is utilized by over 1,000 local governments across Japan as a way to raise money for the community through selling local produce on Rakuten Ichiba. One of these municipalities, in Okayama Prefecture's Kasaoka City, joined the program in the hope of saving their prized onions which were left unharvested due to reduced demand from the restaurant industry under the coronavirus pandemic. The onions were offered as an emergency relief product to those who donated through the Hometown Tax program.
Prior to joining the program, local farmers and officials were devastated by the situation that threatened the waste of 400 tons of onions.
Kasaoka City chose to join the Rakuten Hometown Tax program and a dedicated emergency relief product page was created on the Rakuten Ichiba website requesting donations nationwide. As a result, close to 10,000 applications were received, saving over half of the 400 tons of unharvested onions from being wasted.
Moving forward, the Rakuten Hometown Tax program will continue to strengthen its ties with local governments to provide a system supporting various business owners.
*Rakuten Furusato Nozei: Program that allows taxpayers to donate to local governments and receive refunds or deductions from income and resident taxes.

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