Boston Office Gives Back to Community through Food Drive

January 24, 2020

During November 25 to December 10, 2019, Rakuten’s Boston office wrapped up their 5th annual food drive competition, which was a huge success. Each year the office is split into teams who then compete to gather the largest donation for the winning prize of a free lunch out.

The competition seems to get more fierce as the years go by, with yearly donations exceeding 2,000lb (approx. 900kg) and increasing each year. The grand total for 2019 was 3,552lb (approx. 1,600kg) of food, which will provide over 2,960 meals to families in need! On the day of the food drive pickup, everyone bands together and carries boxes, cans and bags of food down to the Greater Boston Food Bank truck. It’s a really heartwarming experience that brings the entire office closer together.