Going Cashless in Japan with Rakuten Pay

November 7, 2019
by RNN

Compared to other major developed countries, Japan has so far been slow in going cashless, and currently the Japanese government is stepping up its efforts to increase penetration. To support this effort, Rakuten Payment, Inc. launched a project team from August 2018 to promote cashless payments in Fukuoka City.
RNN went to Fukuoka to find out how Rakuten Pay use is spreading within the city, by speaking to locals on the street as well as staff members of Rakuten Payment, Inc.

In the second part of a two-part report, we hear from the Rakuten Payment staff members behind this socially impactful initiative, as well as some of the varied businesses that have adopted Rakuten Pay, including a taxi firm, street vendor and large shopping mall, who explain why they chose to introduce the service and what impact it's had.

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*Special thanks to Showaichimaru Kotsu, Yatai Bar Ebi-chan, Hakata Riverain Mall

​​​​​Part 1 – Rakuten Pay Users
Catch interviews with Rakuten Pay users in Fukuoka, who tell us what prompted them to use the service, as well as where and how they use it.

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