Rakuten Pay (Online) Adds New Services for Movie Lovers

August 2, 2019
by RNN

On July 5, 2019, Rakuten announced the addition of two new services for movie lovers on its Rakuten Pay (Online) payment platform. The services, "MOVIETICKET Same-day Ticket" and "Movie GIFT," are jointly launched by the "Eigakan-ni-ikou!" executive committee and "Movie Walker," which publishes the digital ticket site MOVIETICKET. "MOVIETICKET Same-day Ticket" allows users to purchase movie tickets and reserve seats online from the day of release, with payment possible via Rakuten Pay (Online) or various point services. With "Movie GIFT," users can exchange points or credit on Rakuten Pay (Online) for a prepaid code with which to purchase tickets on "MOVIETICKET Same-day Ticket." These services offer a handy new way to use points while making movie theater viewing more convenient and better value for users across Japan. At the press conference, Mickey commented on his aim to make use of Rakuten Group data assets to liven up the movie industry.

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