Rakuten Area Empowerment Summit 2019

June 26, 2019
by RNN

Rakuten's Area Empowerment Section engages with local governments in Japan to solve issues they are facing, by proposing suitable Rakuten services and conducting support initiatives. One such initiative, the Rakuten Area Empowerment Summit, took place in Tokyo.

Regions around Japan are looking for innovative solutions for issues in a wide range of fields beyond the sphere of e-commerce, including cashless payment, tourism promotion, talent development, regional PR, logistics and immigration. The Rakuten Area Empowerment Summit provides a platform for local governments to learn about and experience various different Rakuten services and technologies.

- What initiative allowed all summit participants to try out cashless payment?
- How did a robot help one keynote speaker join in from France?
- How did participants get a taste of the future at a Rakuten Eagles game?

Some participants could also share examples of how they are already benefiting through collaboration with Rakuten, and 88% of attendees said they planned to utilize Rakuten's services in future.
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