Rakuten and JR East Partner To Promote Cashless Payments

August 1, 2019
by RNN

June 5, 2019, Announcement by Rakuten Payment, Inc. and East Japan Railway Company (JR East) to start collaboration to promote cashless payments.

Through this collaboration between Rakuten Payment and JR East, the two companies will launch the function to issue and charge the transportation e-money card Suica through the Rakuten Pay* from spring 2020, which can be used for transportation via trains and buses, as well as for payment at approximately 600,000 offline stores across Japan.

At the press conference, Representative Director and President of Rakuten Payment Koichi Nakamura and Senior Executive Officer of JR East Shinobu Noguchi took to the stage to share about the objectives and significance of this collaboration. Mascots from both companies – "Okaimono Panda" and "Suica Penguin" – also came to commemorate the event!

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* Compatible devices: Android™ devices that support Osaifu-Keitai®

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