Rakuten Golden Kids Supports Working Moms & Dads

May 31, 2019
by RNN

Background information: Rakuten Golden Kids is a daycare center for the children of Rakuten employees that was opened in 2015 as an initiative to support balance between work and child raising responsibilities.

In Japan, there is a lack of childcare facilities especially in metropolitan cities like Tokyo, and an increasing number of families fail to find daycare centers for their children. With more and more Rakuten employees returning to work after maternity or childcare leave, Rakuten Golden Kids is easing the transition by providing a unique educational curriculum that makes the most of Rakuten's particular characteristics.

- What led to the launch of Rakuten Golden Kids?
- What are the 3 main advantages to Rakuten Golden Kids?
- What makes the facility unique, according to its director?
- Hear from some of the employees whose kids attend Rakuten Golden Kids!

Don't miss this video on a great facility that's supporting families in a distinctly Rakuten way!

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