Boston Office's Great Culture Fosters Growth of Passionate Professionals

October 23, 2017
by RNN

The Boston Office of Rakuten boasts a high sense of ownership of employees over their workplace and a low employee turnover ratio of 5%, much lower than that of other Rakuten Group companies as well as competitors. This is not only thanks to the great people and the cool office space they have, but also the multiple initiatives that has been carried out to promote work satisfaction.

- How and why did the Boston Office align their culture with the Rakuten "Shugi" (Rakuten Way) through kitchen clean-up teams?
- Why do they invite external speakers from nearby famous universities and companies to hold sessions with employees?
- What did the majority of the employees say was their favorite memory at Rakuten?

Find out what makes this office so ideal in terms of work environment and work motivation.
* This video was originally filmed in October 2016.

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