Ragri Grows a New Form of Agriculture in Japan

June 19, 2017
by RNN

In April 2017, Rakuten launched a new internet-based service called Ragri that directly connects consumers with producers of pesticide-free or reduced agricultural produce. It's the result of a collaboration with Telefarm Co., Ltd., which had originated a remote farming service in Japan. Through Ragri's smartphone platform, you can choose the vegetables you want to eat, and the farmer to cultivate them, then follow the progress of your crops as they grow, until harvest time, when they're posted straight to your doorstep. Users love the service's game-like aspect, good quality organic vegetables, and high level of safety. In addition, it's hoped that Ragri can expand the market for farmers in Japan.
RNN travelled to Ehime Prefecture in western Japan, to speak to the head of Telefarm, as well as some of its farmers, about the appeal of Ragri.

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