Enjoying a Rakuten-themed Summer at Rakuten Beach CAFE

August 23, 2016
by RNN

On July 15, 2016, Rakuten opened its first beach cafe, the "Rakuten Beach CAFE," in Enoshima, a small island off the Shonan coast, and many visitors enjoyed its service over the following month-and-a-half, up to August 31.
Enoshima is a popular beach and tourist spot south of Tokyo, boasting an average of 850,000 visitors per year. The Rakuten Beach CAFE offered a comfortable space with sofas and other items sold on Rakuten Ichiba, as well as menus making use of popular food and delicacies from Rakuten Ichiba, making for a unique and fun Rakuten-themed summer experience!
Check out this video to hear from many of the customers who enjoyed their day at the Rakuten Beach CAFE!

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