Walk Together with Pride

Walk Together with Pride Walk Together with Pride
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Together, we can create a brighter and more joyful world! Join Rakuten’s online parade to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Rakuten envisions a world where all communities are accepted without exception. As LGBTQ+ and allies, we join hands and unite our voices to create safe places where no one is discriminated based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. Through advocacy, we want to transform minds and hearts across society to embrace all-round inclusiveness.

Small actions have big impacts. Celebrating June as International Pride Month, join Rakuten’s online #WalkTogetherWithPride parade to express your support creatively and colorfully for our LGBTQ+ colleagues and friends. Share this with everyone you know!

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Thank you for participating in the Walk Together with Pride campaign!

We appreciate everyone coming together to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Here’s a selection of the top 10x inspiring artworks from all over the world!

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Diversity at Rakuten

Rakuten respects the unique qualities of all our diverse stakeholders around the world, no matter who they love or how they identify, from employees, and customers to partners and other communities.
We nurture a safe and inclusive workplace for employees to focus on their work without fear of any discrimination. Rakuten’s company benefits for married spouses includes same-sex partners of all genders. Our ‘Rakuten LGBTQ+ Network’ community provides training and information for both LGBTQ+ employees and allies.
We strive to be pioneers in what we choose to do – be it driving innovation in cutting-edge technology or championing awareness around LGBTQ+ acceptance and encouraging dialogues on diversity which includes gender, race, ethnicity, religions, age and disabilities.

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Rakuten Group aims to build a society where all individuals can live their lives to the fullest and actively contribute without discrimination. Please check the details below.