Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund

Donation for Ukraine humanitarian aid

There are many casualties, including civilians, in Ukraine today. A number of people have also been forced to flee within Ukraine and to countries in the region, and there are growing concerns about a serious humanitarian crisis. The Rakuten Group is accepting donations to assist the people of Ukraine who are affected by this conflict. Your donations will be used for humanitarian aid such as providing drinking water and other supplies, providing health services, and protecting children. Thank you for your cooperation.

*As of 9:00, Jun 20th, 791,320 donations have been made, reaching an amount of 1.21 billion JPY. The money transfers to the donation recipients are processed progressively. Thank you for your support.


Total amount of donations collected to date

Donation Duration: 2022/02/28 ~ 2022/06/30

  • Donations are planned to be delivered to Ukrainian government (Embassy of Ukraine in Japan), Japan Committee for UNICEF, Japan for UNHCR and so on for humanitarian aid activities. Depending on the situation, additional recipients may be added.
  • The application period has been extended until June 30, 2022. The period may be extended in the future.
  • Once the payment procedure is completed, you cannot cancel or change the content. Please check the confirmation screen and click continue after confirming there is no mistake in the input content.
  • This service is not subject to tax deduction and we will not issue receipt for tax deduction. Customer cannot specify the destination of the donation.
  • The total amount of donations displayed above is an estimate.
  • This service may be subject to change, suspension or termination without prior notice, if Rakuten determines that maintenance, such as system maintenance, is necessary. Please be noted of this possibility.
  • For inquiries about partner organization, activities of local governments, use of donation, etc., please contact each organization directly.
Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund