Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund

Donation for Typhoon No.19 heavy rains 2019

We are collecting donation for people affected by Typhoon No.19 in October, 2019. Your generous contribution will be delivered to Japanese Red Cross to support the victims. Thank you for your cooperation.


Total amount of donations collected to date

Donation Duration: 2019/10/13 ~ 2020/01/14

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  • The displayed amount includes the credit card transation fees. The final donation will be the displayed amount minus these transaction fees.
  • This service may be subject to change, suspension or termination without prior notice, if Rakuten determines that maintenance, such as system maintenance, is necessary. Please be noted of this possibility.
  • For inquiries about partner organization, activities of local governments, use of donation, etc., please contact each organization directly.
Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund
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