Career Development and Performance Evaluation

As a leading internet services company, Rakuten places great importance on people development and aims to create an environment where employees can continuously learn. Rakuten provides a wide variety of training programs for employees to develop individual and teamworking skills that would allow to be successful on the global stage. All employees have access to training programs designed for their specific position within the company.


CareersPromoting self-motivated career development

Feedback Meetings

To ensure that each and every employee can maximize their performance at Rakuten, regular 1-on-1 meetings were introduced in 2018. These meetings provide an opportunity for candid feedback to build trust between the managers and their team members. 1-on-1 meetings are a part of Rakuten’s initiative for establishing an environment where employees can continuously learn.

open position system

The open position system is one of Rakuten’s unique career path programs. When new talent is required in a division or in a project, we look for people not only externally, but internally. This system is designed to support employees who have a strong ambition to forge their own future to achieve their career goals and provide opportunities for them to grow.

Global leader development programs

Global leader training provides support to employees to study abroad at some of the world’s most prestigious business schools. We support talented employees to develop their leadership skills and quickly rise through the ranks in the company.

ASSESSMENTAn evaluation system based on competencies and performance.

Evaluation system reflecting Rakuten’s principles

At Rakuten, evaluations are performed every six months, based on competencies that employees have demonstrated throughout their work and their level of performance. Competency evaluations are used to decide the monthly wages, and performance evaluations are used to decide the bonus amount.

The competency evaluation items are defined based on 11 essential factors from the “Five Principles for Success" stated in Rakuten Shugi (Rakuten Basic Principles). This evaluation provides employees with a ranking, using a system that is common to all Rakuten workplaces worldwide (B, BB, BBB, A, AA, AAA). Providing clarity behind the content of the competencies for each rank helps encourage employee development.

Regardless of the number of years worked, all employees receive an appropriate evaluation in relation to their competencies and results and are provided with an evaluation system that allows them to progress within the company.

Rakuten Award

The Rakuten Award is a monthly award program that recognizes employees who have contributed greatly to the company. Employees who received the award are announced at Asakai, the company-wide all-hands meeting, providing employees worldwide with the opportunity to congratulate their colleagues.


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