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Why Rakuten?

  • Rakuten Ichiba and Current Tasks

    I joined Rakuten in 2011, almost two years ago. I came from a business school in Paris and Keio Business School in Japan, so when I came into the company I already had some experience of being here in Japan.
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  • ECC and Goal at Rakuten

    I joined Rakuten in 2011, as the result of my search for a company which was global, involved in IT, and which had a venture spirit. I just came back from abroad at the time
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  • Japan and Rakuten Life

    The process by which I was hired was quite interesting. A friend of mine who was senior to me at university wrote to the university saying that Rakuten was planning to expand globally,
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  • Job Description

    Job Description
    Please see an overview of recruitment here
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  • Global Career Forum Schedule

    Global Career Forum Schedule
    We are now expanding our recruiting activities to cover the whole world. If you are looking at a career at a global company, please check the global schedule for our career forums.
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  • Rakuten Makes New History

    Rakuten History
    In 1997, six people founded Rakuten, sure that the Internet could change the world. They started by empowering people, and now we are ready to move onto the next stage -- the world. We can create new value around the world together.
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