Work style : Maung

Diversity in the work environment made me
realize the value of communication
Senior Manager
AI Promotion Department

Details of Current Role

As a senior manager of the AI Promotion Department, currently I participate in Rakuten’s AI-nization projects. The services we work on include AI Answer (an FAQ chatbot), AI Assist (Concierge/Shopping Assistant), AI IVRs (Interactive Voice Reponses) for call-centers, as well as AI Navigation (a voice controlled smart agent). I cooperate with coworkers around the world to develop revolutionary new products for Rakuten. In addition, my team also offers new ideas and technological solutions for other project groups and customers.

Current Environment

Rakuten has the best working environment out of all the Japanese companies I’ve worked for. I like the fact that we have work space with no partitioned walls which allow us to speak freely with our team members, clean offices with an open atmosphere, and a cafeteria - where we can basically eat for free - that offers healthy lunch options. The things that motivate me in my work at Rakuten are the company’s values and our action guidelines, known as the "Rakuten Shugi (Rakuten Basic Prnciples)". In particular, I sympathize deeply with the philosophy that we should contribute to society by creating values through innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Rakuten has great principles that act as guidelines for anyone involved in business.

Skill Improvements

When I entered the company, I relied solely on my technical skills when working on projects, and I wasn’t properly communicating with our culturally diverse team members or properly exercising their management. It was the company’s skill training programs that finally helped me overcome this. I acquired skills such as management methods for people with diverse cultural backgrounds and learned about cross-cultural communication. By applying these in the workplace I was able to improve both my communication and leadership skills. I feel that acquiring management skills also allowed me to improve my development abilities.

Careers at Rakuten

I want to make full use of the experience I’ve gained at Rakuten to develop revolutionary products and solutions for our customers and society as a whole. I am making my best effort to be a professional who continues to improve her skills at a high rate all the time. In the future, I intend to become an entrepreneur that is able to bring great value to society through innovation and empowering people. This dream of mine is also relevant to Rakuten’s corporate philosophy and mission. I want to help improve the world through my work.

If you have any experience of inter-departmental transfers, please mention the department(s) involved.
I was transferred from the Project Management Department to the DU Strategy Office, then on to the RIT Advanced Engineering, before finally arriving at the AI Promotion Department.
What do you like about Rakuten’s working environment and its systems?
I like the company’s skills training program. I primarily participated in the sessions related to communication, and I was able to use what I learned in my work.
How big is your current section, and what is the percentage of mid-career hires among them?
There are 25 employees in my department. More than 90% of them joined Rakuten as a mid-career employee.
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