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Engineers’ Life


We hold technical study sessions called Tech talk for the Rakuten engineers, by the Rakuten engineers very often. The engineers make presentations on the advanced technical approaches and discuss it with all the attendees.

Examples of the presentation: Image analysis / Natural language analysis and search / Big data and test automation / VMware and in-company IaaS and others.

Rakuten Technology Conference

Rakuten Technology Conference is a technology event that started since 2007, hosted by Rakuten Development Unit. We set up different concepts every year, and uphold various sessions by inviting not only Rakuten engineers but also many guest speakers from abroad. This is a very exciting 1day event for our engineers since it is an opportunity to learn something new, and to develop a new network of connections. We of course welcome external engineers as well. We hope that this event will be a productive day for all engineers.

Rakuten Technology Conference: https://tech.rakuten.co.jp/index.html

Global Experience Program

Global Experience Program(GEP) is one of our overseas training programs. This allows you to participate in development projects at our overseas offices for a few months. The purpose of this program is to build global perspective and grow development skills through working with people from other Rakuten groups expanded worldwide. Development Unit started this program since September 2011 in San Francisco Agile Development Center ahead of all. We have been holding this program in more than 10 overseas offices throughout U.S., Europe and Asia up until now.

Overseas Conference

New technologies are kept being created on the internet right at this very moment too.

Since our services hold a huge scale of traffic even from a global perspective, exploring and absorbing the latest advanced technology, and adopting them to our services are necessary. Therefore, we proactively dispatch our engineers to more than a hundred conferences worldwide every year. They can extend their knowledge of frontier technology and develop a network of contacts with overseas engineers. We believe that it enables us to increase our technical presence globally and let our engineers discover their field of vision.

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