• Technology Services Division (TECD)
  • IT Strategy Department (ITSD)
  • Business Skill Training Team
  • Technology Services Division (TECD)
  • IT Strategy Department (ITSD)
  • Business Skill Training Team

Teamtraining titles

  • - Highlights of eye-catching courses
  • - Train the Trainer
  • - Next Generation Leadership
  • - Liberal Arts in TECH
  • - Working Across Cultures
  • - Resolving Conflict in Development Teams
  • - Managing Bias
  • - Effective Feedback for TECH
  • - Effective Presentations for TECH
  • - Business Writing for TECH

Work Experience

I've been working in the learning and development field for around 20 years, mostly in Japan. I've worked with hundreds of Japanese and international companies, large and small, and also with universities and private institutes. Over the years I have authored dozens of training textbooks and also led teams developing educational mobile apps. I've been at Rakuten since April 2019.

Current job description

Currently I am designing and delivering leadership and business skills training programs for Rakuten TECH Community members as part of the TECH Learning Group. We provide training for everyone in the TECH Division and also for engineers in Rakuten all across the world. Our group offers both technical skills training in areas like AI, DevOps and Security, and also soft skills training programs like Project Management (with an internal certification), Presentations, Business Writing, Cross-cultural Understanding, Coaching, Feedback, Conflict Management, Leadership and a lot more. We're pretty busy!

Developing Diverse
Problem-solving Skills


Engineers at Rakuten realize that they need more than just technical expertise in a narrow field to succeed – they know they need to be fully-optimized individuals with diverse problem-solving skills. Moreover, they recognize that, as their careers progress and they interact with more stakeholders and take on more responsibilities, training can be a short-cut to learning best practices. That is why there is such great demand for training in various business skills like Presentations, Meeting Facilitation and Remote Team Management, as well as growing interest in EQ-focused areas like Managing Bias, Creativity with Lego Serious Play©, Leveraging Diversity, Teambuilding with Myers-Briggs Type Indicators and more.

A Great
Learning Community

A Great

I believe in the old saying that "education is lighting a fire, not filling a cup." My primary goal is to motivate and support people in leading their own learning journey, rather than just providing them with an assortment of knowledge. To help with that, I work hard to develop communities of learners beyond the training room. Rakuten is very supportive of this and is a great place to learn and develop. We provide Learning Paths that can take anyone all the way from an individual contributor to a senior executive leader. We are also building a community of expert trainers within the organization. As they say, "the best way to truly learn something is to teach it!"

Fulfilling Working Lives

Fulfilling Working

Our mission isn’t just helping people to learn and grow but also to enjoy their working lives. Training in Rakuten is an engaging and motivating experience. It doesn’t involve listening to hours upon hours of lectures. Instead, participants solve interesting problems in teams, explore their creativity in games and hands-on challenges, play out realistic workplace interactions, and share personal insights to build best-practice frameworks that they can actually use to improve their working lives. We are here to help in any way to make TECH employees’ working lives more fulfilling, whether that is building team leadership skills, giving feedback on an important presentation, or coming up with strategies to overcome a particular work challenge.